The First Day Of 100th CIOSH On ShangHai

July 4, 2020

Start! Start! 100th CIOSH start!

Jul. 3rd is the first day for CIOSH, we are all exciting and energetic with full confidence.

On the day of Jul.3rd, two many participants and visitors crowed  everywhere on the exhibition, which make the exhibition lively and busy,  bringing latent and great business chance.

Our sales team send out large quatities of our company's catalogues, warmly service every visitor, endeavor to promote our fr fabrics & fr clothes on the exhibition.

Jul.3rd is a rich and meaningful day for our Xinxiang Weis Attendees, it's more important for Xinxiang Weis Company.

Jul 3rd is over with good start, and we belive the next day will be wonderful and successful also.

Let's look forward to the following wonderful day!