The 127th Canton Fair will be finished before the Dragon Boat Festival

June 23, 2020

The 127th Canton Fair on line is going to be finished before the Dragon Boat Festival.

Because this is the first online exhibition, the effect of the exhibiton is not so good, and everyone of us make our great efforts to do it.

Through this Canton Fair, we exhibite our company’s products online, display our company’s great strenthen, showing our team’s speciality, which will Inspire us to work harder.

We wish our old and new customers would learn about our protective fabrics and our flame retardant clothes, or know more about Xinxiang Weis Textile & Garments Co. Ltd. through the Canton Fair activities, by watching the playback of the live video, and the link address is as below.

Believing that we would have more potential chance after this online Canton Fair, promoting the company's business more and more.


By the way, link address of  playback of video :


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