New Cargo Shipment On The Weekend

December 11, 2020

There will be a cargo shipment for flame retardant fabrics from shanghai port arranged to our Southeast Asia customers on this weekend. Here is the details of the shipment:


Item: Flame retardant fabrics

Composition: 100% cotton 

Weight: 230gsm

Qty: 9044.1meters

Color: dark green

Function: flame retardant

Tearing strength: ≥25N in warp

Tensile strength: ≥1000N in warp

Flammability: self extinguished, after flame time ≦2s, after glow time≦2s

Char length: less than 100mm

Formaldehyde: less than 300ppm or 75 ppm

Dimensional stability to washing: ≦±3%(after 5 times wash in 60℃)


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