Insist On Work During The Rainstorm Day

July 21, 2021

Summer is the peak season for flood and water logging, At this moment, Xinxiang unluckily occurred such flood disaster on expectation. After experiencing a few days of continual heavy rain, effected by the rainstorm, it takes place water logging in most area of Xinxiang city , transport, travel, working are greatly effected.
So, we are considering how to avoid such disaster, in the limited conditions, maybe we can't effectively avoid the disaster brought by the nature, but we can prepare flame retardant ppe to avoid or reduce the effects caused by similar disater such as fire, high temperature, convective heat, arc flash, molten debrits etc.

Although there is flood disaster almost everywhere in Xinxiang City in Henan Province. We insist on our work at home instead of working in the office.

We are tone of the main manufactures of industrial protective fabrics and functional safety clothes in North China, if you have such requirements, pls feel free to contact us.

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