Choose YSETEX Protective Workwear To Value Life

July 16, 2020

A week ago, a bus driver in China drive many passengers into a reservoir, caused a great and serious accidant, during which, 21pcs people lost their precious lives, and 15pcs people injured.

Life is the most important for everyone of us,however this thing happened not by accidant, but on purpuse. We are shocket and angry with what the the bus drive did,because the driver didn’t treat other one’s lives seriously, and his own life included.

In fact,besides the unexpected danger, we may often meet many other latent dangers, expecially for the workers who often work in the industries of oil&gas, chemial,metallurge,electrical service company,boiler,welding and so on, if you are the one who just work in such hazardous envirements, pls do value your life,it’s strongly recommended that you use our flame retardant clothes, anti static workwear, water&oil repellent suits or other various protective clothes and so on, which will offer great protection against the flame,fire,overheat,arc flash,static and so on. Choose our ysetex clothes, you will choose safety.