Cargo Shipment By Vessel On This Weekend

August 11, 2021

Good news, there will be one cargo shipment by vessel on this weekend. 

We prepare for more than two thousand flame retardant coveralls for our customer for this shipment.

Below is its detailed information:


Item: FR coveralls


Color: dark green

Characteristic: with reflective tapes, with multi pockets.

Function: flame retardant, 360℃ visable, comfortable

Standard: EN11612, EN11611, OKEO-TEX Standard 100 etc.

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With good technical parameter as below, it can offer perfect safety protection for workers against fire, high temperature, convective heat etc.

Flammability: no molten drops, after flame time ≦2s, after glow time≦2s

Char length: less than 100mm.

Dimensional stability to washing: ≦±3%(after 5 times wash in 60℃)

Color fastness to sunlight: 4-5grade

color fastness to washing: 4-5grade

color fastness to persperation:4-5grade

color fastness to dry-cleaning:4-5grade


Hope our customer to receive the goods asap, customer's satisfication is our best satisfication.